ASBU/UER/COPEAM tripartite meeting 2004

The annual tripartite meeting ASBU/EBU/COPEAM has been held in Algiers, on the 22th December 2004. This meeting, convened for the third consecutive year, at the end of the General Assembly of ASBU (Arab States Broadcasters Union), was the occasion for evaluating the results of the actions shared by the three sister Associations.Among the topics discussed, the ERN-Med exchange: it has been underlined that the quantitative increase of the exchanges (1.117 subjects in 2004; 1.101 in 2003) has been accompanied by a qualitative improvement; training actions: procedures aimed at spreading systematically information concerning training projects and programmes of the three Associations involved will be settled, for example through the setting up of a permanent Contact Group; exchanges and co-productions: it has been pointed out the necessity of promoting and supporting the so-called “basket” co-production and of improving radio exchanges and co-productions; enhancement of the TV public service within the Euro-Mediterranean region; support and participation in “Tunis 2005”, World Summit of Information Society (WSIS).