4th edition of COPEAM University

The 4th edition of COPEAM University took place in Bejaia (Algeria), from the 5th to the 12th April 2008, under the aegis of EPTV, in collaboration with CFI and with the participation of France Bleu Frequenza Mora and Radio Doualiya. This year, the President of the Algerian Republic has granted his High Patronage to the action that was also supported by the Algerian Ministry of Communication. The 90 participants, coming from 16 different countries, were part in the work of the 14 trans-national and intercultural radio and TV teams, whose assignment was that of producing reportages on the topic: « Tourism and sustainable development as factors of connection between peoples».

On the occasion of the official opening of the event - that has been hosted in the prestigious premises of the University of Bejaia - the Minister of Communication, Abderrachid Boukerzaza, the Wali of Bejaia, Rachid Fatmi, the APW President, Hamid Farhat, and the Director of the University of Bejaia, Merabet Djoudi, have underlined the importance of this activity as a cooperation best practice to be employed.

The participants have received a theoretical framework on the chosen topic by Mr. Ghouti of the Algerian Tourism Ministry and by Mr. Poeta from the Centre for Superior Studies on Tourism (Italy), who have respectively explained the tourism promotion process in Algeria and the main tools and techniques for a tourism-oriented communication. The final result of the field work carried on by the participants has been a 52 minutes TV documentary synthesizing the 10 reportages produced on the history, the heroes, the legends, the languages, the environment, the economy that characterise the region of Bejaia. Together with the TV workshop, three radio teams have been formed in order to produce three radio documentaries. The radio workshop has been assured by France Bleu Frequenza Mora, Radio Montecarlo Doualiya and Radio Soummam (Bejaia).

A blog devoted to the University of COPEAM 2008 and at the young professionals’ disposal is on line (www.uni-copeam.org).