Following the great success of the editions of Ghardaïa (2005) and Sétif (2006), the « 2007 COPEAM University » took place in Oran (Algeria) from 10th to 17th March.

The University is an original “format” created by COPEAM under the aegis of ENTV, and represents a unique experience of training in Mediterranean and in Europe : young professionals from the two shores of the Mediterranean and from Arabic countries get together during one week to produce a TV magazine and a radio magazine, while discovering the synergies between different audiovisual languages, and comparing methods and different sensibilities.
Theme of this year: Oran, crossroad of Mediterranean music. The TV trainers who closely followed the work of the 12 TV teams during shootings, editing’s and throughout editorial conferences, have been made available by Canal France International (France Télévisions group).
The TV journalists, cameramen and editors have produced 12 reports of different formats (13’, 6’30’’, 3’, 1’15’’ , 45’’) trying to give rise to the precious musical heritage of the region of Oran. To quote a few titles :
The musical instruments of Oran
Music from Oran is made of many traditional instruments. This magazine of 13 minutes is telling its story and describe all the influences that we find in the contemporaneous music from Oran.
The saga of the Amarri family

Bouzid, Krimo, Yasmine, three talents from a same family, three passions at the service of a same vocation : the song from Oran, the French, the Italian, the Anglo Saxon song, not to mention Raï. Submersion in the depths of a famous family of the nights of Oran.
Raï in the black decade
In spite of intimidations, threats and murders, Raï survived to Oran thanks to courageous public and artists. Many great names have disappeared and miss roll call, but their music is in every memory, stronger than ever.
The return to Arab – Andalusian
Music from Oran owes a lot to the Arab Andalusian music. Young orchestras regain these roots with pleasure and creativity.

M’Dahat, troubadours in the feminine
The M’Dahat are artist women whose activities go back to very old times. The art of these women sign in the diversity of the music’s of the region of Oran.
In addition to the TV journalistic works, two workshops have been held. The radio training rested on the contribution of Radio France, Radio France International and RTSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana). Journalists made two radio documentaries (14 and 6 minutes ): 
Raï from yesterday and from today
From the hinterlands of Algeria to the international scene. Sound trip to the listening of this traditional music with guests and reports. Evolution of Raï and points of view of its different publics.
Oran and its sounds

Music, persons, sounds of the town and of nature : a collage of voices and sounds to give an image of the reality of Oran.

The 110 professionals who participated to the COPEAM University were representing 25 broadcasters from 19 different countries : 
B.T.V (Bahrein), CFI (France), COPEAM (Italy), France Télévisions (France), ENRS (Algeria), ENTV (Algeria), ERT (Greece), ERTT (Tunisia), HRT (Croatia), LJB (Libya), ORTAS (Syria), Rai (Italia), Radio France (France), RFI (France), RTSI (Switzerland), RTVSH (Albania), SMTV (San Marino), SNRT (Morocco), SRR (Romania), SURTV (Sudan), TL (Lebanon), URTE (Egypt), JRTV (Jordan), Y.TV (Yemen), 2M (Morocco).

Once again this year, the great quality and the welcome provided by ENTV enabled participants to work in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.
The success obtained for this third edition of the COPEAM University strengths COPEAM in its mission: the creation of a Euro Mediterranean audiovisual area of dialogue and mutual understanding that can be close to reality.