“Recipes for Change” – IFAD

Telling the challenge that small farmers in developing countries face every day due to climate change and global warming is the goal of "Recipes for Change", the series of short documentaries produced by IFAD, the United Nations’ agency that works at the forefront to help local farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change and preserve their culinary traditions. Every week, The Map Report hosts a documentary featuring internationally renowned chefs. They converse with farmers in remote areas of the planet and prepare dishes based on native foods that are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Rome. Its action includes the creation of platforms for dialogue between various social, productive and economic actors and its purpose is to enable poor rural populations to achieve greater food security, improve the quality of their nutrition, obtain higher incomes and strengthen their skills of adaptation.

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