Prix Italia (Rai) and the new web trends in PSM

Rome, 15 December 2017

Last December 15, Prix Italia (Rai) organised in Rome a brainstorming session for web and cross-media experts from all over the world.

With a web landscape in constant evolution, Public Service Broadcasters need to increase awareness about the current key trends and lead players in such field, where a great convergence process is taking place, transforming PSM more and more into cross-platform media.
This symposium represented the first step towards the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Prix Italia international Festival, whose 2018 edition – focused on “The Memory of the Future” – will include a Special Prize devoted to the best cross-platform projects in the world.

TRT/Turkey was invited to the Rome meeting as a member of COPEAM, so to give a “Mediterranean” contribution to the think-tank.