INTER-RIVES TV coproduction: dissemination and new steps

The 6th edition of “Inter-Rives” TV documentary coproduction “Creative memory: the past meets the future”, promoted by COPEAM and ASBU, is in its broadcasting phase.

In the last months, the winners of the Prize for the best documentaries of this cycle – Maja Fister for “Listen to the Stone” (HRT/Croatia) and Ahmad Shawar for “First gallery” (PBC/Palestine) – were invited respectively in Tunis, during the Arab radio & TV Festival of ASBU, and in Vinci (Italy) to be officially awarded.

Currently, the TV partners are programming the broadcasting of the series and COPEAM is organising several promotional screenings open to the public.
After the projection held in Mallorca (Spain), opening our last annual Conference, a new one was recently organised in Naples (Italy), in the Sanità neighbourhood portrayed in the RAI’s episode, to show to the locals some international similar stories and stimulate a debate about the role of media in giving voice to the youngster through inspiring stories free from stereotypes and based on a quality research work. 

Rione Sanità event

A further public screening was included among the cultural events of the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES), organised in Seville by the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, and other events are scheduled in the next future.

Alongside these activities, COPEAM and ASBU have launched the call for participation of the new “Inter-Rives” coproduction: “Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories”.

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