Inter-Rives 7 documentary collection on “Harbour cities” soon on air

"Inter-Rives" project, promoted by COPEAM and ASBU, has accomplished its 7th edition: "Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories".

11 documentaries produced by the TV partners – EPTV/Algeria, BNT/Bulgaria, NMA/Egypt, France Télévisions, RAI/Italy, SNRT/Morocco, PBC/Palestine, RTV Vojvodina/Serbia, TVE/Spain,  RSI/Switzerland and Télévision Tunisienne – are now available for broadcast.               
Bastia, Cadiz, Bizerte, Taranto, Pula, Essaouira: these are some of the cities portrayed in this series.

After the second and final coproduction workshop held in Rome in July 2019, the film-makers appointed by each TV have finalised their works, among which two will be awarded this edition’s special prize. According to the selection made by the coproduction experts – Markus Nikel and Mustapha Mellouk – the best documentaries of this year for their audiovisual quality and topic relevance are:

THE MAZE, by Hanan Rady, (NMA/Egypt)

REQUIEM FOR ULJANIC, by Bojan Dakić (RTV Vojvodina/Serbia)

THE MAZE: The film features an extremely strong character and an intense and catching storytelling. The film-director is always close to the protagonist, whose spiritual journey along thousands miles through the desert is very authentic and inspiring. Moreover, the description of the mother/son relation is very effective and capable to produce an empathetic link with the audience. Finally, the discovery of a harbour that does not exist anymore adds a deep metaphorical value to the overall work.

REQUIEM FOR ULJANIC: The documentary stands out for the originality of the chosen character, the time/space diversity and its mise en scène. The work has the merit of bringing the public into an extremely interesting social context, through the odd story of a very committed artist and worker, which embodies the current post-industrial era and criticizes its social and labour changes in an unusual way.