Inter-Rives 7 co-production: the harbour cities of the Mediterranean soon on air

"Inter-Rives" project, promoted by COPEAM and ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union, is accomplishing its 7th documentary collection: "Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories".

The directors from 14 public broadcaster partners – EPTV/Algeria, BNT/Bulgaria, NMA/Egypt, France Télévisions, RAI/Italy, SNRT/Morocco, Oman TV, PBC/Palestine, RTP/Portugal, RTV Vojvodina/Serbia, TVE/Spain, Sudan TV, RSI/Switzerland and Télévision Tunisienne - gathered in Rome on 4 and 5 July for the last of the two co-production workshops, hosted by COPEAM in one of the most famous RAI TV studios.

Bastia, Cadiz, Bizerte, Taranto, Pula, Essaouira, Suakin: some examples of very different cities, but united by the charm of the harbour, by a destiny of openness, of commercial and cultural exchanges, of departures and arrivals, of traditions coexisting with modernity.

Through the lives of women and men, their dreams, their passions, their difficulties and challenges, this new series deals with the history of these harbours, so lively and mysterious at the same time.

During the opening of the meeting - involving Nabiha Bensalah, Head of the TV department of ASBU, and the 2 experts Markus Nikel and Mustapha Mellouk - the Secretary General of COPEAM, Claudio Cappon, expressed his satisfaction for the wide and diversified participation in the project. "The hope is that this series, like the previous ones, will be widely circulated through TV broadcasting and public screenings organized in both Italy and abroad".

In September 2019, all the final documentaries will be available of the TV partners for broadcast. A prize will be delivered to the best documentary of the 7th series.