COPEAM at the “Fête de la Méditerranée”

The Secretary General of COPEAM was among the main speakers at the “Fête de la Méditerranée”, organized in Bastia on 11 and 12 May by France Bleu RCFM, where COPEAM was involved through the presence of the whole team – composed by France Bleu RCFM, Rai Sicilia and Rai Sardegna - of “Mediterradio”, one of our key radio projects.
The event allowed to reinforce the traditional links with the Corsica Region, among our most active members in recent years, particularly thanks to the intense exchanges that Mr Cappon had with the President of the Executive Council of Collectivité de Corse, Gilles Simeoni, also chairman of the Islands Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe.