The southern Mediterranean Radios and TVs move forward in gender equality

Ajaccio, 8 April 2016

The third workshop of the peer-to-peer program on gender equality in the southern Mediterranean media took place during the 23rd Annual Conference of COPEAM.

It was the last step of a 9-month activity, where the results achieved by each beneficiary were presented, exceeding the initial expectations.

The areas of intervention identified as priorities were the following: internal policies, training and awareness, setting up of parity and monitoring units and networks, development of tools and measures.

Furthermore, the comparison between the different realities and the sharing of good and replicable practices favoured the creation of a professional community sensitive to the "gender" approach, which could act as a reference group for future actions.

This important work carried out by COPEAM with its members in the framework of the European project MedMedia, led by BBC Media Action,  took place within a  heterogeneous context, whose main challenge will consist in keeping alive such a  roadmap, even beyond the project duration.

Read the report on the project results Copertina eng  

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