The first workshop of COPEAM-MedMedia exchange programme about in-house training and digital transition was held in Amman

The opening workshop of the multilateral peer-to-peer exchange "Managing the digital transition: a training challenge for media organizations" was organised by COPEAM and MedMedia (EU-funded project aimed to facilitate the progress of media reforms in the MENA region) in Amman on 27-28 February 2017, at the Jordan Media Institute.

The training and HR executives of the 9 public broadcasters participating in this 9-month programme - Radio Algérienne (EPRS), Soread-2M/Morocco, ERTU/Egypt, JRTV/Jordan, PBC/Palestine, Radio Liban, TéléLiban, Radio Tunisienne and Télévision Tunisienne - took part in the plenary sessions and in the group sessions. A representative of ASBU also attended the workshop to identify effective ways in which the Union could contribute to in-house training initiatives, including through the MENOS distance learning system.

The 3 experts involved, Gilles Trenel (France Télévisions), Rachida Taame (HR and training expert) and Hala Zureiqat (Roya TV) have worked with the radio and TV peers to identify the main weaknesses and priorities in each media outlet, to highlight good practices and areas of feasible and sustainable improvement, and to conceive strategic action plans aimed at achieving the identified goals in terms of improvement of proper and effective internal policies and strategies related to the digital challenges. The action plans include a series of short-term objectives – concrete and measurable – to be achieved by the mid-term workshop of the programme (Beirut, 11-12 May 2017) that will be held aside the COPEAM annual Conference.

More info about COPEAM-MedMedia multilateral peer-to-peer exchange programme

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