“The podcast revolution: new strategies in radio broadcasting” – International training by RAI in collaboration with COPEAM and ASBU

Rome, 22 -24 November 2023

A 3-day training about podcasting was organised by RAI in Rome, in collaboration with COPEAM and ASBU. 20 delegates from several public radios of the two networks - RTSH/Albania, BNR/Bulgaria, Radio Romania, RTK/Kosovo, RTS/Serbia, EPRS/Algeria, Tunisian Radio and Radio Tunisienne RTCI, ERT/Greece, Radio Liban, Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA), SNRT/Morocco - and from ASBU radio department attended the workshop.

Various professionals from Radio Rai and Rai Play Sound shared their experiences with their international colleagues about the ongoing transition from traditional radio to digital sound; the latest trends and strategies; the distribution and promotion on digital platforms; the internal workflow and collaborations; the use of sound and voice for storytelling; the use of archives; the technological and competence needs. A large space was given to Rai’s best podcasts exploring different genres: narrative journalism, docufiction and documentary, scientific journalism, live podcast, history.

Some interactive sessions were also run to facilitate exchanges between the participants involved.

Last year, COPEAM had disseminated a questionnaire among its radio members to ask about their priority needs in terms of training. Podcasting was definitely one of the most common answers. Thanks to RAI’s International Relations, we have been able to match such request and to implement this activity, which can be the ground for new collaborative and transnational podcast projects.