The 9th edition of “Inter-Rives”, the long standing TV coproduction promoted by COPEAM and ASBU, was recently launched. Through a call for participation spread in February 2022, public broadcasters from the two networks have been invited to join the project and take part in two professional workshops for the production – by each of them - of one documentary of 13’ on the main series’ topic. 

The first workshop will be hosted by COPEAM in Rome (May 2022) and the final one by ASBU in Tunis (February 2023), gathering the group of selected film-directors and the coproduction experts.

THE TOPIC of INTER RIVES 9: “People & Markets”.

Markets have a very long history. They have always been the cities’ beating hearts, important economic, social and even cultural “hubs” both in urban and rural contexts. With their voices, colours and scents, today they still represent a vibrant public space for different groups and communities, keeping their significance as places of commercial and human interaction.

INTER RIVES 9 “People and Markets” aims to pull together stories of women and men whose jobs, lives, skills and habits are related to an evocative market of their country (i.e. fish, flowers, antiques, spices second-hand markets...).

The final documentary collection, varied in characters and cultural environments, will highlight - through the protagonists’ eyes - the peculiarities of the locations where these stories take place.


The previous edition of the project was successfully achieved at the end of 2021, resulting in a series of 12 documentaries of 13' each on the topic “SustainAbility: Stories of Changemakers”.

Many of the TV partners are now scheduling the documentaries’ broadcast during 2022.

Link to Inter Rives 8

Watch here the best documentaries (winners of the Inter-Rives Special Prize) of the 8th edition:

“Blue Mission” (ERT/Greece)

 “Umm-Suleiman Farm” (PBC/Palestine)