The new Inter-Rives series: cultural heritage as an opportunity for the young people

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The new series of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives “Creative memory: the past meets the future”, launched in February 2017 by COPEAM and ASBU, enters its operational phase. This series will tell the stories of young people who – thanks to their creativity, their technological or managerial skills, their team-working and networking aptitudes – have been able to turn the places, both physical or symbolic, of their national cultural, historical and archaeological heritage into innovation projects; tourist, artistic and educational initiatives; enterprises, cooperatives and associations, thus contributing to the economic and social development and to the promotion of culture and of civic engagement.

Watch the documentaries of Inter-Rives 6

The film makers of the 10 coproducing TVs – EPTV-Algeria, HRT-Croatia, National Media Authority-Egypt, RAI-Italy, RTVE-Spain, PBC-Palestine, RTSH-Albania, SNRT-Morocco, Tunisian Television, TRT-Turkey – took part in the first workshop that was held in Tunis, at the ASBU headquarters, on 17 and 18 May 2017.

The topic of this sixth coproduction, the main elements of a character-driven narrative format, the identification of meaningful local stories able to attract an international audience were some of the issues discussed by the experts (Markus Nikel and Mustapha Mellouk, with also the support of Luca Rosini/Rai) and the participating filmmakers. In addition to this, starting from the their draft projects, a preliminary treatment was conducted in groups in order to share a common work method and an editorial approach.

The second and final workshop will take place in Rome at the end of the year to screen the rough cuts and then finalise the series.