The Audiovisual Heritage Commission launches an online survey to define the state of art of Euro-Mediterranean audio and video collections

The Audiovisual Heritage Commission of COPEAM launches an online survey to investigate the current state of the Euro-Mediterranean broadcasters’ audiovisual archives and archive-based associations. In the framework of a rehabilitation strategy to enhance the importance of the audiovisual collections, this survey is composed of four parts that examine the dimension, content and use of archive materials in nowadays TV, radio and web streaming, and includes suggestions to organize future initiatives aimed at promoting the role of these collections and their preservation.           

What is the use of audiovisual archives today? How are recent technology developments transforming the way archives are documented?  These are some of the key questions the survey will try to answer, with the final objective to give an overview on the Euro-Med audiovisual heritage, which will be taken into account as a basis to design COPEAM Audiovisual Heritage Commission’s action plan for the forthcoming months.

Take 10 minutes of your time to answer the survey, the future of audiovisual archives is also in our hands!

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