Preserving biodiversity – A new webinar for journalists about environmental issues

30 November 2022

COPEAM and its partner ICO Solutions continue to support the work of journalists in reporting about environmental and climate related issues. On November 30, a webinar was co-organized around biodiversity challenges in view of the 2022 U.N. Biodiversity Conference (COP15), taking place in Canada in December. The whole COPEAM network of journalists – and beyond – interested in these topics were invited to the webinar and had the possibility to interact with experts and scientists and share experiences and practices on these issues.

The webinar recorded 43 registrations from 18 different nationalities, including a considerable number of members: ASBU, 2M/Morocco, EPRS/Algeria, JRTV/Jordan, RTCG/Montenegro, Radio Liban, Télé Liban, RAI/Italy, RTSH/Albania, Tunisian Television, TVR/Romania.

The speakers:

• Julien Rochette — IDDRI
• Marine Lecerf — Ocean & Climate platform
• David Ainsworth — United Nations Biodiversity
• Rim Mathlouthi — Journaliste environnementale