First online masterclass on the “Creative use of audiovisual archives”, in partnership with RAI

15 December 2021

On 15 December 2021, COPEAM hold an online Masterclass on the “Creative use of audiovisual archives”, in partnership with RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana.

The initiative was open to the students of the three film and audiovisual schools of COPEAM network: ALBA (Lebanon), ESAV/Marrakech (Morocco) and ESAC (Tunisia).    
The attendees had the opportunity to learn from, exchange and discuss with professionals and experts of the archives domain working for the Italian public broadcaster.        
In particular, Danila Komar (RAI Teche) provided an overview on the preservation and management methodologies of the vast audiovisual heritage of RAI, an historical broadcaster which started its radio programming in 1924 and the TV one in 1954.               
Some successful archive-based TV programs were then presented by the author Massimiliano Cané, who brought the example of Techetecheté - a RAI format in which old clips, recordings and images are connected to each other according to a specific thread or character - and by Markus Nikel (Rai Documentari) who introduced “La prima donna che…”, a series of three-minute pills against gender stereotypes, which tells inspirational stories of pioneering women in different fields.

This Masterclass, jointly organized by the Training and the Audiovisual Heritage Commissions of COPEAM, represents the start of a course of activities dedicated to training related to audiovisual heritage envisaged for 2022.