Couleurs Musicales – 2nd Edition

Initiated and supported by the Médias Francophones Publics (replacing RFP), CIRTEF and COPEAM, Couleurs Musicales, now at its second edition, is a radio coproduction aiming at promoting new talents who are among the most popular and promising in many countries of the world, thanks to the participation of the member radios of CIRTEF (, of MFP and of COPEAM.

Based on the federating field of music, this series offers to the public a very large range of contemporary music trends from all regions – from Canada to Haiti, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Asia and, thanks to the participation of COPEAM network, from Maghreb to Romania – while contributing to a global promotion of the selected artists and to the standing of the Mediterranean in all the French-speaking areas of the world.

Achieved in April 2016 at the CIRTEF center in Yaoundé, Couleurs Musicales 2 is aired by the following partners: CRTV-Cameroon, FMM/Radio France Internationale, MBC-Mauritius, ORTM-Madagascar, ORTM-Mali, Radio Lomé-Togo, Radio-Canada, RTCI-Tunisia, RTS-Senegal, RTS-Switzerland, SNRT-Morocco, VOV-Vietnam.