Audiovisual cooperation with the regional broadcasting Unions

Tunis, 12 January 2023

The traditional ASBU-EBU-COPEAM trilateral meeting has been gradually expanding in the recent years, to the point of becoming, in 2023, a real summit of the major media Unions and Associations of the world.

In fact, last January in Tunis, in the framework of the 42nd General Assembly of ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union, four additional Organizations - ABU, AIBD, AUB and OSBO - joined the Arab, European and Euro-Mediterranean networks to discuss around audiovisual cooperation on a large scale.

The meeting thus offered to the participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of worlds that are close to each other in terms of mission and objectives, but also to learn different approaches and new ways of working and collaborating, thanks to the large representation of other regions, such as the Gulf, the African and the Asian ones. 

Despite the persisting crisis which has deeply changed social behaviours and interpersonal and interprofessional relations – hitting, among others, the sector of media - the will of gathering again in presence has successfully prevailed, making sure that the obstacles faced in the past few years have not been able to undermine cooperation, which has survived resilient and even stronger than before!