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Project supported by the European Commission – ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme managed by the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

Joussour (bridges): a Euro-Mediterranean coproduction devoted to the environment soon to be implemented

JOUSSOUR project co-funding by EU up to 89,99% on an overall budget of € 497.044,93 – started in September 2011.
In this framework, COPEAM, in line with its purpose to, among others, promote coproduction projects, Mediterranean ones in particular, coordinates the consortium, composed by ASBU, PBS (Malta) and RAI (Italy). This is an innovative action in the sign of multiculturalism and exchange, aimed mainly at realizing 12 docu-mags on best practices in the field of environment in the cross-border regions of the Mediterranean basin. The programmes are conceived so to have a short 9-minute format each, to be easily adjusted and broadcast on the internet as well.
3 executive producers appointed by RAI, ASBU and PBS will be in charge of the series production, of the harmonization of the products and of the final editing. Young filmmakers from the eligible regions will be selected following a call for candidatures that will be launched soon among the broadcasters members of COPEAM and ASBU.

JOUSSOUR: A sparkling conclusion

The Joussour project came officially to an end last December 2013. The 28 months of cooperation in the TV co-production field were crowned through some successful promotional events.
The 12 docu-mags series devoted to the environmental challenges in the Mediterranean basin has been already aired, since its achievement, on several channels, from Spain to Italy, from Tunisia to Slovenia, including the Gulf area, thanks to the ASBU members from Bahrain and Yemen, as far as nothing less than Australia!
Conceived for TV screens and for the web, the series was realized by young directors from different Mediterranean countries, and promoted in numerous international occasions: in September, at Prix Italia, where the docu-mag Blasted Flies in the Jordan Valley – produced by the Jordanian television JRTV with the executive production of RAI – was awarded with the special prize Prize “Expo 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”; in Valencia, in the framework of the 2013 European Cooperation Days, namely, in a film festival dedicated to the topics of cooperation and neighbourhood; in Rome, on November 28, in the closing press conference organised at Rai premises and during which the results and the coproduction trailer were presented to the invited journalists and personalities.
In January 2014, Joussour was also presented at an international level in the occasion of the capitalisation event organised once again in Valencia by the ENPI CT MED Programme and related to the best practices and challenges each project could bring with a view to fostering cross-fertilisation, synergies and impact between other initiatives supported by the EU.


Watch JOUSSOUR promotional video

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