Inter-Rives III

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The Euro-Arab coproduction “Inter Rives III: the spring of new generations” is successfully going to an end. From the freedom of expression and the fight against sexual harassment in Morocco, to the activism for a different concept of mobility that ensures sustainable transport in Italy, the result of this 3rd series is a mosaic of ideals, paths, actions that all together portray the Mediterranean as it is shaped by the new generations.
The final coproduction workshop held in Tunis in February 2013, gathered all the filmmakers from the 8 broadcasters involved: EPTV-Algeria, ERTU-Egypt, JRTV-Jordan, RAI-Italy, RTVE-Spain, SNRT-Morocco, STV-Sudan, TVT-Tunisia. It was the occasion to view the achieved documentaries together with the coordination team – made of an executive producer and two experts from both the north and the south - and to make the latest improvements before the series’ completion, that will be distributed and broadcast according to the usual “basket formula”, thanks to which each partner TV acquires the rights of the whole coproduction.