Inter-Rives III

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Paris, 1st February 2011

The TV Commission gathered on the 1st February, in Paris, at the TV5 Monde headquarters, in order to reflect on the third COPEAM-ASBU coproduction "Inter-Rives".
During this meeting, the broadcast of the Inter-Rives II documentaries was assessed and the represented televisions debated the topic of the new series.

All the participants agreed on "Youth" as main subject and tried to decline it and to identify the approach that will be adopted in its handling: Inter-Rives III will be focused on the new generation of young people who play an active role, each one from his/her side, in the evolution of the societies in the different countries involved in the coproduction.

Boys and girls between 20 and 25 years old, their dreams and their experiences will be the protagonists of the series throughout images.