Inter-Rives III

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Following the first coproduction workshop in Tunis (22-24 May 2012), the directors of the 8 partner televisions, members of COPEAM and/or of ASBU (SNRT-Morocco, JRTV-Jordan, EPTV-Algeria, TVT-Tunisia, ERTU-Egypt, TRT-Turkey, RTVE-Spain, STV-Sudan) defined the themes to deal with and are ready to shoot.
Several characters of these countries make « the spring of the new generations », which is the centre of this new Euro-Arabic series. They are photographers, caricaturists or simple citizens active in the associative field, refugees looking for a new life…They all act to change their societies according to their visions of the world and of their future.
The second coproduction workshop – which will be the occasion for the young directors to present all the documentaries already finished and for the whole staff to exchange their points of view on the work done – is planned for the beginning of 2013.