ICO Solutions – Collecting witnesses: “Another view on the Mediterranean”

In parallel with the next IUCN World Climate Summit (Marseille - autumn 2021), COPEAM is joining forces with the organizers of ICO Solutions (an international meeting dedicated to the challenges of the preservation of coasts, islands and oceans) to collect witnesses from users of the Mediterranean aimed at the production of a series of 3-minute video clips from the entire basin.

The series is scheduled to be broadcast during a preview in Marseille on the occasion of the event, as well as on France Télévisions (France 3 Via Stella) and social networks. It will also be made available to the TVs members of COPEAM that will have taken part in the project based on the so-called “basket” formula.

A prize will also be awarded for the best contribution, through the presence of the director / journalist in Marseille for the preview.

Co-producing partners: France Télévisions (France 3 Via Stella) - BNT - EPTV - HRT - NMA - RAI - RTP – SNRT - Télé Liban