COPEAM-BEI transnational newsroom at COP24

Katowice, 11-14 December 2018

For the second year, thanks once again to the support of the EIB-European Investment Bank, COPEAM has set up a transnational newsroom to cover the World Summit on Climate Change (COP24), which took place in Poland, Katowice, from 3 to 14 December 2018.

During the last 4 days of this event, 7 journalists from Palestine, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan’s public televisions - with the support of international experts and of a technical team – were producing news reports about negotiations, national commitments, adaptation and mitigation plans, green projects funding, education on environmental issues, etc.

In addition to enhancing the visibility of topics linked to climate change in the media of the Southern Mediterranean countries, this action has contributed to strengthen the skills of the involved journalists in the media coverage of global-scale events such as COP24 and the issues related thereto.