“Inter-Rives II: Glances of children”: the new COPEAM – ASBU co-production project

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Tunis, 21- 24 July 2009

The second Euro-Arab magazine launched by COPEAM and ASBU in March 2009 gathered the countries from the two Mediterranean shores, from Mashreq and the Gulf area. Rai (Italy), EPTV (Algeria), SNRT (Morocco), ERTU (Egypt), ORTAS (Syria), Al Manar (Lebanon), RTVE (Spain), Al Jazeera Children (Qatar) and San Marino RTV (Republic of San Marino) have already joined the project.

The training workshop in its new formula focusing on the scripts’ writing will be organised in Tunis from the 21st to the 24th, July 2009 and will gather the filmmakers of the partner channels as well as the coordination and the trainers’ teams.