“Inter-Rives II: Glances of children”: the new COPEAM – ASBU co-production project

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The film directors from the partner TVs of Inter-Rives II : Glances of children co-production, together with the coordination team of the series, met from 11th to 13th January 2010 in order to screen the documentaries produced and decide the changes to be implemented before the end of the project.

The episodes of each partner were jointly watched and analysed with an exchange-oriented and open-minded approach typical of COPEAM-ASBU cooperation activities.

This meeting allowed to develop the most adequate solutions to the different approach to the treated subjects by partners and to re-affirm the need of meeting the conditions established by the shooting and production charter settled for the series. The difficulties were not irrelevant, but the care about quality and homogeneity, while respecting each one’s cultural specificities, was the key issue of this second workshop.

The deadline for submitting the final version of the documentaries after approval of the series’ executive producer, Mr. Sampiero Sanguinetti, set for 28th February 2010, was postponed to April in order to harmonize the last production details.
At the moment, all the documentaries have been accomplished and submitted to the coordination team’s appreciation.
The main step to get through by broadcasters is the signature of the Inter-Rives II partnership agreement, which establishes a juridical framework preserving their rights and promoting the broadcast of the series.