7th edition of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives: “Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories”.

COPEAM and ASBU have launched the 7th edition of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives: "Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories". Each documentary will focus on one or more characters whose lives are linked to those places with a strong symbolic value, with the aim of:

  • plunging the audience in the harbour’s daily life, showing its deep dynamics, its hidden face, its contradictions, its own human and social logics, its most surprising aspects;
  • portraying the harbour’s complex ecosystem and its evolution over the years;
  • discovering the story and the relations between those lives and the port, telling the anecdotes and the reasons of such deep – present or past - links;
  • showing the specificity of each city harbour, while highlighting similarities with the others (e.g. the relationship with the sea, the effects of historical and technological changes, etc.).

The first workshop gathering the coproduction’s filmmakers was organised by ASBU on the 26 and 27 November in Tunis, where the preliminary concepts were presented to the peers and to the experts. Cadiz, Alexandria, Naples, Bizerte, Bejaïa, Taranto are just some of the powerful settings that have been chosen by the 14 TV broadcasters participating to the project: EPTV/Algeria, RAI/Italy, SNRT/Morocco, RSI/Suisse, Sudan TV, France Télévisions, Yemen TV, TVE/Spain, Oman TV, BNT/Bulgaria, NMA/Egypt, RTV Vojvodina/Serbia, Télévision Tunisienne, PBC/Palestine.

The production phase will start at the beginning of 2019 and the closing workshop will be held in Rome in July, hosted by COPEAM.