Establishment of a parity and monitoring committee at SNRT-Morocco

SNRT, as an audiovisual media, is involved with determination and perseverance in the implementation process of gender parity and equality, in accordance with the Article 19 of the Constitution and pursuant to the legislation in force as well as to the national and international conventions ratified by Morocco.

To put into practice its involvement in promoting the gender culture, SNRT has implemented an action plan aimed at raising awareness about all the aspects related to this issue among the staff.


Therefore, a workshop and some meetings with representatives of all the company's entities were organised internally to raise awareness on values ​​of equality, gender equality, diversity and fight against discriminations.

Following its participation in the peer-to-peer programme on gender equality in the media in the southern Mediterranean shore, Amina Gharib has initiated, with the support of the Management, the launch of such action plan within the SNRT.

At first, this internal process has led to the establishment of a Parity and Monitoring Committee.

The first meeting of this committee has been devoted to a presentation - by the Human Resources Department - on the staff allocation and the presence of women in all SNRT entities.

In addition, the committee has focused on the draft of the Equality Charter and on the promotion of gender equality within the company as well as through the content production; the Charter wwill be soon disseminated among all the concerned instances.