Tripartite meeting ASBU-COPEAM-EBU

Hammamet, 17 December 2016   

As usual, in the framework of the annual  General Assembly of ASBU, the representatives of ASBU, of COPEAM and of the EBU gathered together to make an assessment of their common activities and to launch new initiatives in 2017.

In particular, they announced the achievement of the ASBU-COPEAM coproduction Inter-Rives 5, whose quality was underlined by the Heads of both Organisations, who presented also the sixth edition of the series which will focus on the Youth creativity related to the Mediterranean cultural heritage.

The coming year will begin with a new partnership between the three Associations regarding a regional action for the realisation of the Arabic version of Generation What (, further to impending complementary activities in the news exchange domain, to be organised in Algeria in the month of February.

Training, along with coproduction and exchanges in the field of radio were also discussed in this meeting, that will take place again in May 2017, during the COPEAM Conference in Beirut.