The value of COPEAM radio magazines: interview to Pierre Mari, executive producer

  • The most difficult is not to be born, but to last.
Mediterradio and Kantara are a demonstration of that. For 17 years, these magazines have been standing out as a weekly transnational information reality. There is no other example in the international audiovisual field in the Mediterranean area of a regular partnership among different public medias, persisting and evolving according to transformations.
These two programmes bear the mark of COPEAM Radio Commission and of the associated radios that created them. They give to our Mediterranean a tangible existence, which is long in taking shape, since the declarations of intents from the ones and the others rarely have effects.
Mediterradio and Kantara managed to respect the identity of each partner of theirs, occupying, week after week, a very sensitive field of information and evoking issues that can sometimes be interpreted in a contradictory way, depending on cultural differences.
The producers, the involved media and COPEAM are very proud of this performance. This is also a model of mutual respect in a dynamics of common progress.