“Reporting climate change” e-learning course 2021/2022 – Project completion

The 2021/2022 of the e-learning course for journalists “Reporting climate change was achieved in January 2022, with 15 graduates from Africa, the Balkans and the MENA region.

The course  - aimed at raising awareness among journalists and news professionals about the current climate challenges and at increasing their reporting skills in this field - was made possible thanks to the renewed financial support of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and to the technical partnership of the international Telematic University Uninettuno, a leading institution in the field of the e-learning.

Besides the main lessons on the theory of climate change and its reporting techniques, 3 new training modules allowed beneficiaries to improve their knowledge on related issues such as energy transition, water security and environmental crimes. A number of interactive activities completed the course, including 5 e-classes held by a professor/tutor and a specific webinar about the outcomes of the COP26, with the participation of international experts.

Starting from this edition, together with English and Arabic, French has become an official language of the course that, in spring 2022, will be opened once again to 20 new beneficiaries, professional radio, TV and press journalists from the mentioned geographical areas. The call for candidatures will be launched soon with full information on the new action.

Click here to read a selection of the essays written by the journalists taking part in the e-learning program “Reporting Climate Change” (2021/2022 edition) and released on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2022.