COPEAM at 2015 Hermes Prize awarding ceremony

Hammamet, 24 April 2015

The awarding ceremony of the 2015 Hermes Prize took place in Hammamet on the 24 April 2015, in the framework of the  18th International Forum of the review “Réalités”.         
Such Prize – founded in Tunis in December 2014 by “Réalités”, by Med21 Programme (network of multidisciplinary awards for the promotion of excellence and of cooperation in Mediterranean region) and COPEAM (associated founding member) – aims at recognizing a significant action by a personality or an institution fostering the exchanges between the coastal countries related to communication and freedom of expression  defense domains.    
The winners of this year - awarded by Taieb Zahar, President of the Forum, by Pier Luigi Malesani, COPEAM Secretary General, and by Mohamed Aziza, President of Med 21 Programme, are: Mrs Marie-Christine Saragosse (France), President and CEO of France Médias Monde, Groupe RFI, France 24  and Monte Carlo Doualiya, for the North; Mr Kamel Daoud (Algeria), writer and journalist, collaborator of « Le Quotidien d’Oran », for the South.              
The following people received a posthumous prize as well: Mr. Habib Boularès (Tunisia), politician, writer and journalist; Mr. Georges Wolinski (France), writer and cartoonist born in Tunisia and murdered in Paris in January 2015.