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COPEAM radio co-productions are back on air in the Mediterranean for the 24th season of Kantara and the 11th of Mediterradio. About forty episodes will be co-produced by the two teams throughout 2023, with the establishment of leading partnerships with major events in the region at the end of 2022 (Film Festivals, FAO, COP27, ICO Solutions, Mediterranean Day). The online filmed MEZZE program is reaching its 4th episode, with a new online interview to an outstanding witness of the cultural sector of the region to celebrate the Mediterranean Day on 28 November 2022.

Moreover, in the…

“Inter-Rives” TV coproduction at its 9th edition

The new series devoted to “People & Markets” was launched early 2022 by COPEAM and ASBU and the first workshop took place in Rome last May, organized by COPEAM and hosted by RAI, around the editorial framework and the selection of the subjects.

The 13 TV members of COPEAM and ASBU that joined the project – BNT-Bulgaria, EPTV-Algeria, ERT-Greece, France Télévisions, JRTV-Jordan, HRT-Croatia, Oman TV, PBC-Palestine, RTVE-Spain, RAI-Italy, SNRT-Morocco, TRT-Turkey, Télévision Tunisienne – will tell stories of women and men whose lives are strongly connected to suggestive markets (i.e. fish, flowers, antiques, etc.) in their countries…

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Valencia, 20th – 30th October 2022

COPEAM is pleased to announce the 37th edition of “Mostra De València-Cinema del Mediterrani”, an international film festival associated to our network and aimed at promoting cinema from the Mediterranean basin as a common cultural space.

For more info about Mostra de València, click here:

Call for entries available on the following link:

Media & Culture Days

7 December 2021, 16:00 – 1800 MYT, by Zoom

The ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) and Radio Romania are partnering in organizing an international forum to debate around the important and complex issues of the media’s relationships with culture and the arts in a post-pandemic world.

It will bring together global media and culture experts – mainly from the Asia-Pacific and Europe – to discuss headline issues such as:

  • What roles do the media play in cultural maintenance?
  • How do the media affect culture?
  • How important is culture/the arts in the activities and planning of broadcasters?

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