COPEAM and the EIB again together in reporting climate change: new training launch

10 December 2020

The international e-learning course “Reporting Climate Change”, promoted by COPEAM thanks to the support of the European Investment Bank, has been launched on the web platform of the International Telematic University Uninettuno, partner of the project.

The course is aimed at providing a basic knowledge about climate change from several points of view (scientific, institutional, economic, political, etc.) and at analysing the most effective ways of reporting this topic, which is considered as one of the most crucial issues of our times.

Over 30 journalists from 13 Balkans and MENA countries…

Winners of the 2020 Kantara prize for photography

The team of the radio magazine Kantara – قنطرة and its partners organized the 2nd edition of the Kantara Prize for Photography from the 1st July to the 31st August 2020, through an international call for participation on social networks and in the specialised press.

Dedicated to the promotion of the Mediterranean heritage, this year with the theme of the “rivers of the Mediterranean”, this competition was free and open to Kantara’s listeners as well as to all amateur and professional photographers aged over 18.

The best photos devoted to the theme chosen…

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“Recipes for Change” – IFAD

Telling the challenge that small farmers in developing countries face every day due to climate change and global warming is the goal of “Recipes for Change”, the series of short documentaries produced by IFAD, the United Nations’ agency that works at the forefront to help local farmers adapt to the impacts of climate change and preserve their culinary traditions. Every week The Map Report hosts a documentary featuring internationally renowned chefs. The chefs converse with farmers in remote areas of the planet and prepare dishes based on native foods that are at risk of extinction due to climate…

TAL announces the official opening of its 2020 Competition

The TAL Network recognizes and celebrates the work of Latin American broadcasters with what has become the most important and prestigious award for public televisions in this part of the world: TAL 2020 Awards. 2020 is not an easy year: the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely; we have had to work under other parameters, facing – among others – the great challenges of home-schooling and giving accurate information to our public.

As public service media, we have responded with new programming and useful contents, thus becoming a trustful alternative for education, entertainment and proximity to our audience. This…

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