Renewal of COPEAM governance

22 October 2020

In the framework of the 27th annual Conference held last October, the General Assembly of COPEAM elected the new governing bodies of the Association and the Presidencies of its operational Commissions.
Besides NMA/Egypt, Radio Romania, Rai/Italy, RTVE/Spain - expiring in 2022 – and the confirmation of Jordan Media City, France [...]

A new Inter-Rives project ready to start: first coproduction workshop

24-25 November 2020

The TV coproduction Inter-Rives 8 “SustainAbility: Stories of Changemakers” was officially launched at the end of November.

This new edition of COPEAM/ASBU flagship project aims at collecting short documentaries of 13’, available as a series for all the co-producers on the basis of the “make one, take all” formula. Inter-Rives [...]

Discovering the Mediterranean young filmmakers: “A première vue”

“A première vue” project, devoted to the best students’ works produced by ALBA/Beirut, ESAC/Tunis and ESAV/Marrakech cinema schools, and promoted by COPEAM and Uninettuno, continues its public projections.

In the framework of the 2020 Prix Italia festival, organised by RAI, a selection of fiction and animation short films was screened on the [...]

On-line presentation of the AGEMI platform

23 November 2020

In the run-up to Beijing+25, understanding the role that the media play in perpetuating and challenging gender inequalities is crucial to change the situation. For this reason, members of the AGEMI- Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries project consortium, in the framework of the GAMAG Europe activities,  organized a virtual event [...]

COPEAM and the institutions

November-December 2020

At the end of the year, COPEAM has fulfilled its institutional commitments by participating in important meetings and events organized by historical partners, such as the Steering Committee for the Media and the Information Society (CDMSI) and the North / South Centre of the Council of Europe, the Anna Lindh [...]

Participative training on Gender Equality in the Media

COPEAM developed a new training activity funded by the Council of Europe through the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, with the aim of covering the topic of sexist stereotypes and gender equality in the Media in both Europe and South-Mediterranean countries.

The training was structured as follows:

A training [...]

Kantara and Mediterradio: your weekly radio appointments

Despite the general health situation, the two weekly radio co-productions carried out under the aegis of COPEAM confirm their exceptional longevity and their anchorage in the Mediterranean media landscape: the start of the 2020 season coincides with the beginning of the 22nd year of Kantara and already the 9th of Mediterradio.

Kantara, [...]

Winners of the 2020 Kantara prize for photography

The team of the radio magazine Kantara - قنطرة and its partners organized the 2nd edition of the Kantara Prize for Photography from the 1st July to the 31st August 2020, through an international call for participation on social networks and in the specialised press.

Dedicated to the promotion of the Mediterranean [...]

COPEAM and the EIB again together in reporting climate change: new training launch

10 December 2020

The international e-learning course “Reporting Climate Change”, promoted by COPEAM thanks to the support of the European Investment Bank, has been launched on the web platform of the International Telematic University Uninettuno, partner of the project.

The course is aimed at providing a basic knowledge about climate change from several [...]

“Recipes for Change” - IFAD

Telling the challenge that small farmers in developing countries face every day due to climate change and global warming is the goal of "Recipes for Change", the series of short documentaries produced by IFAD, the United Nations’ agency that works at the forefront to help local farmers adapt to the impacts of climate [...]

General Secretariat of COPEAM
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