Signature of AVITEM-Villa Méditerranée/COPEAM agreement

Marseille, 23 October 2015

On the occasion of the Radio Commission meeting, on Friday 23 October, AVITEM-Villa Méditerranée and COPEAM - in the presence of Mr. Valero (Director of AVITEM), Mr. Nicola Caligiore (COPEAM Vice Secretary General) and Mr. Hervé de Haro (President of COPEAM Radio Commission) - signed a partnership agreement defining the terms of the media cooperation in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, in Corsica, in France and in the Mediterranean, thus giving complementarity to the actions of both COPEAM and AVITEM-Villa Méditerranée.

This agreement will create concrete synergies in an exceptional venue through networking activities among the different Mediterranean actors in the field of cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

Interview to Bernard Valero, Director of AVITEM-Villa Méditerranée