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Following the positive results obtained in the training field based on a pragmatic work methodology and on the principle of “shared know-how”, an important co-production project based on the “basket” formula has been launched by ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) and COPEAM in November 2005.

Co-produced by COPEAM and ASBU broadcaster members, Algeria (EPTV), Egypt (ERTU), Spain (RTVE), France (FRANCE 3 Corse), Greece (ERT), Italy (RAI Educational), Jordan (JRTV), Lebanon (Al Manar), Morocco (SNRT), Sudan (Sudan TV), Syria (ORTAS TV), Tunisia (ERTT), Yemen (Yemen TV) and San Marino TV, the Inter-Rives TV magazine - a series of 13' documentary episodes on significant personalities of the cultural environment of each country concerned - has been structured so to answer the partner channels' interests and their different audiences.

In this perspective, after its launch, Inter-Rives, has been developed throughout 5 workshops (Tunis 4th-5th April 2006; Rome 4th-5th July 2006; Tunis 31st October/1st November 2006; Amman 19th November 2007; Tunis 29th-30th May 2008) where producers and directors of these documentaries met in order to discuss about the current work. These important workshops have represented a free and open space where to exchange and compare shooting and editing techniques, script writing methods, aesthetic styles and different cultural models, in order to make an Euro-Arab imaginary and audiovisual language emerge.

At the end the project has finalized the production of 32 episodes (each one 13' long and ready to be broadcast) focused on «Contemporary Art», «Women» and «Emigrant».

COPEAM and ASBU broadcaster co-producers have agreed to place «Inter-Rives» within their 2008/2009 programming schedules, starting from the pilot series on «Contemporary Art».

The magazine has been presented in various events, among others: Bakaforum 2008 (Karlsruhe, Germany), Eurovision TV 2008 (Lucerne, Swiss).

Starting from June 2008 the pilot series of Inter-Rives has been broadcsted on a daytime 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. by:

Italy, RAI Educational in the framework of the programme titled "Un mondo a colori" (June 5-26)

Spain, RTVE in the framework of the programme titeled "La aventura del saber" (October 9-30)

Egypt, ERTU (December 1-8)

2009 on a daytime 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. by:

Greece, ERTsa (January/February)

Algeria, EPTV (March)

Morocco, SNRT (May/June)

Syria, Ortas TV

Soon it will be on the screen of France 3 Corse, Sudan TV and the other broadcsters...